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My little hacker was back in action. When I came back from office, my wife complained about him related to Firefox looks. “Look at the firefox. Now, the background is becoming black. All fonts are bigger than usual. When I tried to login to gmail.com, the interface looks ridiculous. Also, the mandalaair.com interface makes me into bad mood, so I postponed to order the tickets. All of them are because of him (She pointed to her beloved son). I thought he messed the settings (Again !). He just clicked there, here, changing some value which he doesn’t what it is“. Although she said it in high voice, I know down inside her heart she is proud of him. “This illiterate boy will become ‘dangerous’ someone (in positive meaning) if he can read and able to understand. Be careful, Yah.“, she added later and smile. Good son! 🙂

Now, back into the father action. The basic concept is just resetting back into the default original/default in single click (which is easy way) via safe mode.

  1. Go to the terminal/console.
  2. Type: firefox -safe-mode
  3. Check ‘Reset all user preferences to firefox defaults‘.


Although I’ve done it in ubuntu way, I thought same way can be adopted for windows also.