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BB a.k.a Blackberry is the smartphone which manufactured by Research in Motion, Canada. This type of cellular phone is being hit recently because of QWERTY keys (compared with other type which has only 9 keys), push mail, various instant messenger (YM, AOL, Gtalk, etc), BB messenger that can be used for BB user only and free of charge. Last but not least, Facebook, the social networking that being famous recently in Indonesia, connectivity with good looking interface which not need more time to get familiarize. For me, it’s a good phone and I’m lucky that my company lend me. So, I can test it without spending money. 🙂

blackberry01Yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t access any directory (folder) in the music folder.  In the morning, I still can accessed it and playing some files from dream theater. I finished adding more files at the BB while it happened. So, could it be reached the maximum capacity? If yes, I’m sure the system warned me. I connected again with my PC and found out that the folders was renamed “foldername.exe”, such as Blackberry. Exe, Music.exe. Lhoh? So far, my understanding is the folder or directory can not have the extension name such as “.exe”.  My first guess is, “Oh, Sh*t, the BB got the virus”. I guessed the impacts are not bad because I still able to access the files under the directory.

blackberry02This BB only connected into 2 PC’s. My home computer which powered by Linux Ubuntu Interpid Ibex and the company PC which used Microsoft Windows XP as her operating System. Also, company are using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise ver. 8.5i. When I opened the BB on my home PC, I found that the folder is being cloned into .exe application. You can see the screenshots when I captured it on Dolphin Explorer. That’s why the BB system couldn’t recognize any files under the folder.

First step, clean the *.exe files using manual operation (deleted one by one thru terminal). I’m hoping this step can bring my system back to normal. As the operation completed, I still can not find my files thru BB system. I suspected there’s something that I missed but I didn’t know it.  Now I have to go to Plan B which I’m sure everybody will avoid it. Destroy all datas and get virus-free media card. As recovery plan, I managed to move all the files into my PC first.Then, I formatted the media card by using the menu, Option –> Media card –>(push menu) Format Card.

Here we go, I got the fresh card virus-free. I don’t know about the virus as I searching thru the internet, I didn’t find any satisfaction answer. All I know is, this ‘thing’ (I don’t know how to call it. Is it a virus, malware, spyware, trojan or something?) clone the folders and make them as .exe application. So, I don’t know how to solve it except above step. My lesson learned is, “Don’t ever, ever, and ever connected the BB with my company PC again which already contaminated”.  🙂

Viva my blackluna !!

Revised title, 6 June 2009
I believed the virus is not blackberry.exe. But, something else that have ability to clone the folders and the cloned-folders is *.exe application.