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My son, 4 years old, likes to sit in front my PC all day long. Playing games, surf the internet, watching movies. He couldn’t read, but his curiosity is so big. Big enough to ruin my laptop’s settings. He already warned several times not to click anything except VLC, KPPP, and games. Because Mami and me knew that he will mess the laptop.What i’m afraid was happened yesterday. I lost my bottom panel !

After googling, I found out the answer here, how to restore the bottom panel. I have tried and it’s successful. I’ll summarize for you and all credits shall be given to fooman.

The basic principle is .kde folder which will resets kde to the default values.

  1. Open home directory using dolphin.
  2. Click “View” and mark  “Show hidden files” because .kde is hidden folder.
  3. Find folder .kde, right-click on it and choose “move to trash”.
  4. Logout and everything back to normal again.