My wife told me that her friend are using Starone too. She talked to me, “When I went there, she’s keeping the connection, not shut it down, while she chat with me for hours. She’s not worried about her phone bill. It’s different compared to us. You or I have to disconnect first when we have something to do”. I asked her, “I suspect she is using volume based whilst we utilize time based. Why didn’t you ask to her what type of connection based she used?” She nodded and added, “I have, my dear husband. She is using Starone volume based. She just pay Rp. 99000 for kuota 1 GB per month.”

Recently, I used prepaid account and have to pay Rp. 100 – 150 thousand per month for our time-based connection. Starone volume-based is only available for postpaid account. Just crossed my mind, “How much bytes that I usually spend per month?”. I have to know my connection history and make it as a basic to decide what kind of connection type that I will pick. Next, make a comparison between my previous connection (in volume per month) versus volume based cost. Condition A, I spent less than 1 GB/month, then I’m lucky if I pick volume-based . Condition B, I spent more than 1 GB, I have to pay the exceeded volume (Rp. 300 / KB), sum it all and compare with my regular spending. If more than my regular spending, so time-based connection is the best for me for now. Question is, from where that I can get my previous volume? I can not pick the data randomly, because it won’t be match with my regular usage. Because everyone need is specific and unique. Your need as a chatter or as regular bloggers, or as website developer will be different.

I use KPPP for my dialer. I am no longer using ‘wvdial’ command via terminal. For me, KPPP interface is great with many features. One of the features is the connection log. It shows the volume and duration. From there, I obtain the data and observe about my former connection. Just go to “KPPP Configuration” and select your account (See picture 1). Then, click View Logs. Monthly Log for September shows that I spent 400 MB for 28h 47m and 19s within 38 connections. Monthly Log for October shows that I have consuming 136 MB for 11h 4m within 17 connections and still ongoing. KPPP estimates that I am going to spend until 200 MB. It will give you a gently reminder, and you’ll be aware with the quota.

KPPP Configuration (picture 1)

KPPP Configuration (picture 1)

KPPP Log Viewer September

KPPP Log Viewer September (Click to Enlarge)

KPPP Log Viewer October

KPPP Log Viewer October (Click to Enlarge)