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Here are some design considerations about lighting the Marina Bay Circuit at night for 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix., with graphics from Allianz.

  • The lights will be situated on only one side of the street circuit, to prevent the drivers from being disorientated in cases of spinning.
  • Should one of the generators fail, the other generators will provide a back-up power by default
  • Each generator will also have its own engineer on standby whenever they are in operation
  • The F1 night light will be four times brighter than the lighting in a sports stadium. The lighting provides 3,000 lux of light (light intensity). In comparison, the lights at the National Stadium during a football game at night shine at about 650 lux. Lux is a unit for illuminance, and measures the intensity of light.
  • The projectors are placed on one side of the track, at the same side as the television cameras, to reduce glare when broadcasting the race.
  • Drivers would not be affected in the rain. Maioli, the designer, explained: “The light beams come in at angles instead of vertically, so that the reflection doesn’t get into the drivers’ eyes even if there are puddles during a downpour.”

Other technical facts:

  • Valerio Maioli S.p.A, the Italian consultant company appointed by Singapore GP Pte Ltd. to light up the first Formula One night race.
  • The system will feature a total of 1600 lighting projectors attached to aluminum trusses.
  • Philips was awarded to provide lighting projectors for this night race.
  • Aluminum trusses will be suspended 10 meters above the track on vertical steel pylons.
  • Vertical steel pylons will be mounted on prefabricated concrete blocks, placed behind the barriers at intervals of 32m.
  • A total of 240 steel pylons used and 108,423m of cables used.
  • Lighting will be powered by 12 twin-power generators, each located in a sound-proof container.

Organisers declined to reveal costs, but early estimates put the system at around US$5 million (S$7.3 million). F1 commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone is pushing for several night races, especially in Asia, to increase television viewership in North America and Europe.

More pictures from designer presented here.