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What if something happened and race official should wave the flag to give a warning to the racer? It’s a night, isn’t it? They introduce the new system. DIGIFLAG.

Traditionally coloured flags waved by race officials to communicate with drivers.

The flag signals, which have been an integral part of Grand Prix motor racing for over five decades, will be supplemented by electronic boards alongside the track. Using technology similar to units used to guide pilots at major airports, the ‘DigiFlags’ will display the different flag colours more effectively at the night race because of the brightness of the display boards.

The system, developed by Singapore GP technical consultants Valerio Maioli Spa, is the result of more than a decade of development at the Barcelona, Imola and Monza racing circuits, in order to meet the stringent requirements of the FIA sporting code. The Singapore street circuit will mark the first-ever use of the Digiflag technology in a Formula OneTM event.

Thirty five display panels will be situated around the track. Controlled by hand-held panels operated by officials at each marshals’ post, they will supplement the traditional flag signals. In addition the race director will have an overview of the warnings being displayed around the entire circuit, allowing more centralised, efficient communication of warnings to drivers.

Via: sgcarmart.com