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Few months ago, I decided not to continue my blog at friendster. The reasons were not fashionable blog due to limited themes. All of them were not eye-catching and attractive theme compared with other platform, such as blogger and wordpress. You could not modify nor add new theme there, so you had to accept it. Another annoyed thing was sometimes blog not showed you what you have formatted at editing stage. It’s not What-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of blog. I could not do editing on HTML mode. So, I had to spare my time again to reformat again, so i could get the layout as i expected. Moreover, you could put your blog into specified categoty during editing mode. But, when you clicked the category which usually appeared on the side widget, it would return an error. It won’t give you the results as expected. Is it because they used moveable type?. You might read my detail reasons here.

So, it must be a great news that friendster annouced that they are using wordpress format to support their blog services. For blogger who have faced above problem as same as mine, it will give a good chance to rewrite, and reborn their blogs again. Well, I should think about Reborn my first blog. 🙂

Screenshot of my Friendster Blog

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