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There’s one of my friend asked me whether I could write in English. You see, in this blog I used two languages, Indonesian and English. There’s no special reason why i wrote in Indonesia or English. Honestly, I preferred and felt comfort writing in Indonesia. That’s my mother tongue, isn’t it? I’ve been raised and got my knowledge by using Indonesia. It’s easier for me to express what i feel, thought and telling you what I’ve done. Moreover, I just learned to write. At first, I just wondered if blogging will be my hobby or just a temporary fun activity for me.

I wrote in English in several occasions. I’ve sent many mails and replies in my daily activity. Also, post in several mailing list and forums and commented in somebody’s blog. Well, I said, “Hey… you’re familiar with this language. Why don’t you try posting in English into my blog? It should be fun!” I’ll give a chance to myself to develop my skill. Yup…Let’s try.

When I wrote the first post…ffuhhh…it’s hard, friend. I don’t know where to start. Well, I just picked my experience. After I finished it, I still have to check my structures and vocabularies. Luckily, MS Office has grammatical and spelling checker tool to help me delivering a grammatical-error-free article. Yup…I wrote in MS Office first, then I copied and paste into my blog editor. But still, it will take more time and need higher effort to bring you a good post, compared with writing in Indonesia. Sometimes, I feel it distressed me. Anyway…some of my friends tell me that I have to keep my good job despite of lack of vocabularies, grammatical error and too short and shallow. Guys, thank for your comments. I felt recharge again and willing to continue this.

Therefore, I gave myself another spot to write in Indonesia. I chose dagdigdug.com. I have been familiar with wordpress format and dagdigdud belongs to indonesian. Great !

So, from now, you won’t see any indonesian article written in this blog unless the previous posts. I’ll kept them here. Let me introduce you, my new blog. Tukang Besi Beraksi.