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ReviewMu.comSo many sponsored review or paid to review sites out there and most of them are using English as the primary language. For some people (especially Indonesian), it will be a barrier to express their idea. So many blogs with various topics has been written by Indonesians. I knew some of them wrote a good articles too. But, I’m not so sure that they wrote in English as well, to gain more readers around the world. For professional blogger or write blog to get some money, international readers means high traffic. Traffic equal with money. Sponsored review is another way to monetize your blog like Google adsense which has been famous among Indonesians Bloggers. Some say, “it’s the fastest way to get rich”. Yup, because it has to be added on the english blogs / sites which will attract international readers. For somebody who lack of ability to write in english, it will be an obstacle to write a good post / review.

I knew about this site when I read somebody’s blog (I don’t remember whose 🙂 ). ReviewMu.com is the first Indonesia paid to review. We, professional bloggers and wannabe (including me) welcame to this service. It’s a good news and good for the future too. As stated on banner, ReviewMu.com offered to indonesian blogger and site developer a good collaboration with the advertisers. I’m sure all bloggers of Indonesia happy for this site. And so Indonesian Goverment who still face unemployment problem. I believe this will be one way to create opportunities and add income to bloggers. I hope ReviewMu.com will attract another site developers, advertisers and related services to develop this service into good direction and to create similar sites.

Paid to review means this site pay you to write product reviews. They pay blogger per post or pay per view. When I read “hubungi kami” section, I found that this site belongs to Cosa Aranda under CosaArandaNetwork. If you’re interested with this service, read the FAQ. It will give you short brief about this project. Unfortunately, current status is still beta version and we must be invited to be its beta tester. We must wait the lauching
which is said in here, should be lauched on August. Yup, I have to wait too.

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