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At precisely 9.00 AM, there was somebody shouting and clapped his hands telling everybody to go out. “Fire … Fire … Everybody Out”. At the moment, I was discussing with Hendrik in his desk about the barge berthing arrangement. I was doubt but my brain told me that I have to quick to reach the Muster Point. Then, I ran to the emergency door. I went down thru the stairs carefully from 4th floor to 1st floor. Keep in mind that, although we are in emergency, keep hold the handrail when going down. Later, I knew that the alarm was not connected with other floors. When the alarm at first floor activated, it was just the alarm. It won’t trigger the other alarm.

Then, we go to muster point. It’s just a small space with “Muster Point” sign on the board. It’s near parking lot and enough to be occupied with the residents. The point must be clear from danger and safe. Next, we group ourselves based on the floor or section or department. It doesn’t matter as long as your fire warden could check the group easily. Fire warden is somebody who pointed among group to arrange and execute the evacuation plan, help the resident by showing the emergency exit, clear the office and make sure there’s nobody inside. Then, he/she went to the muster point and counts the member of the group and make sure that nobody left inside.

My warden did not prepare well for this situation. He could manage this situation better than others if he has prepared small checklist contains names of the office resident. He could just call the name instead of telling the resident to march so it would be easier to count.

My warden told me that one of the residents (Miss Z) went to the bathroom before she went down! Ohhh !!! One of my friends takes snacks before evacuate. I heard somebody said that he locked the door first. Heh? Come on, in real situation, are you sure that you want to save your stuff first then save yourself?

My point is, I know this is just training how to deal with emergency. So, we know what to do when the real situation happens. Moreover, we don’t know which one is the reality or just a fire drill. Don’t jeopardize your life based on you assumption. Believe me, Your Life is the Most Precious !!

Note: Picture is just an ilustration and taken from here