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This was my experience during trying to download the broadcom wireless chips. FYI, I used linux ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. I connected to the internet by using starone thru Nokia 2215 and CA42 as my modem. I downloaded it from http://xeve.de/down/wl_apsta.o which has been given as default if we chose to download from internet.

My firefox has not installed yet with flash plugin. I couldn’t check my speed in speedtest.net nor speedtest.indosatm2. Then, I remembered that I could use KPPP statistics. From there we can know sort of connections statistics such as volume in and out, max. speed and so on. At first, the connection was stabil. Sometimes up and down, but not significantly. From the statistics, Starone successfully impressed me with its performance as dial-up provider. When the progress reached 60% to 80%, the connection was drop. Sometimes, there were no progress for several minutes and then continued for few seconds. Then, no progress again. It happened recursively for the last 20 minutes. You can see it from the chart below which I captured during the progress. At some spots, the speed was good. Another spot showed that the speed was zero.

Note, I dedicated the connection just for downloading. I didn’t use my FF nor my Pidgin. When it reached 80%, then the process stopped and all of the firmware windows were freezed. I restarted and then did the same thing. And the same result was happened again. I dont know which one was the problem. So far, starone already done a great job. After above failure, I used it to surf trying desperately to find out what is the best way to install the firmware. And it has no problem at all.