Spain deserved to be a winner this time. Even, Loew agree with me (hehehe), ““Spain played very well during the whole tournament. and they were technically excellent. They fully deserve victory”. They are truly winner. They never lose since qualification phase and play impressively. Began with killing the bear, Russia, 4-1 and ended with four times Europe champions, Germany, 1-0. They scored totally 12 goals and conceded (only) 3 goals. Noted, they conceded only in the qualifying round. This post is just an appreciation to Spain National Team. I forgot to include them as a candidate for Euro champions in my previous post. Maybe, in the next World Cup, I should consider them as strong nominee for World Champions.

For this championship, I prefer to watch the replay at Global TV in the evening. I have to get up early next morning and I always failed to manage when I have to get up at midnight and watch the Euro games. As my favorite team is Germany and Portugal, I didn’t watch any games that Spanish played. Better I have to watch this evening and see how Fernando Torres and friends beat Germany. That’s why I can’t give you the review about Spain.

Well, congratulations Spain !!

These are several highlight from around the world…

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Spain claimed their first major title for 44 years after winning Euro 2008 with a deserved victory over Germany (BBC Sport)

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