We know that in word processing software such as Microsoft Office Word or Open Office Writer, it has equipped with spelling checking tools. It’s a useful tool. We can minimize mistypo or even zero error for each word we type.
Now, I ask you. Is this really a useful tool? Just type whatever you want and let the software fix it? If your answer is “Yes”, maybe you have to consider this fact. Both events had been happened to me and my friend. First, my supervisor asked me to send an email to project team. “Tell them, we send this document thru document control now as we speak”, he said and at the same time makes a note. I said, “OK, Boss. Consider it done”. I typed it and sent it to project team with CC to my supervisor. About 20 minutes later, he came to me and said, “Wan, what were you type? I don’t think you sent a correct message.”
“Why, bos?”, I replied.
“I think I already told you, send it through document control”, he said.
“Yes, Boss. I did it. I wrote exactly what you said”.
“You sure?”
“Yes ! Positive !”, I said
“Look at your message !”, he command me.
I opened it then we read it. I said,” No spelling errors, isn’t it?”
“Yes, but you mistype this word. You wrote “though” instead of “through“.

example no. 1

Second event happened to my friend, Rizky. Both of us have an english course every week. This week was different. Rizky had to go earlier before the course finished due to attending a project meeting. He wrote a dispensation letter to our teacher. He wrote like this..

example no. 2

See the difference?

This tool checks every word and compares with its database or dictionary. If it found unrecognized word, red underline will be appeared to attract your attention. Sometime it highlights the right one. Example: Name, or Indonesian terms which can’t be translated into english. Sometime it doesn’t work as you expected. Your mind tells your finger to write “through”, your finger move so fast (or too slow) and type “though”. Spelling checker recognizes them as truly english vocabulary. But, It doesn’t catch what you are trying to say or your meanings.
Although, it is not important but to avoid misunderstanding, please be careful when utilizing this tool. Always be careful when you write. If you write an email, please read it before send it.